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ResQme Keychain Rescue Tool

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ResQme Keychain Rescue Tool

15.00 18.18

ResQMe LifeHammer Glass Breaker & Seatbelt Cutter Keychain Tool.  Available in Various Colors.    Colors in stock may vary.

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ResQMe LifeHammer Glass Breaker & Seatbelt Cutter Keychain Tool.  Available in Various Colors.    Colors in stock may vary.

+ What is ResQMe?

ResQMe™ is a unique portable safety device that goes on your key chain. This innovative tool allows people to escape from being trapped in vehicles.

+ How does it work?

ResQMe™ attaches to your keychain with a detachable clip. Pull the clip away from the product to reveal the cutter (blade). Hook over seatbelt and pull. To activate the window breaker, simply push the black head against a side window until the concealed spring-loaded spike releases and shatters window.

+ Why was ResQMe created?

Inspired by the car emergency hammer concept, ResQMe™ is a revolutionary hand-held rescue tool that is amazingly powerful despite its tiny size. Because it goes on your keys, no installation is required and it's always available at your fingertips!

+ Why should I get ResQMe?

Throughout Europe there is a popular movement bringing automotive safety to the next level. Initiatives are taken to encourage everybody to carry a portable extrication tool that prevents car entrapment in their vehicle.

Because you can never be too prepared for the unexpected, protect yourself and your loved ones with ResQMe™, the original "Gift For Life".

+ Is it reusable?

Yes! The ResQMe™ spike resets automatically and can be used multiple times. The blade is extremely durable and can easily perform multiple seat belts cuts. All is to ensure maximum performance!

+ Where is it made?

ResQMe™ is Made in the USA and crafted with the highest quality materials used by safety professionals.

+ Where can I "try" it?

To avoid injuries, we highly recommend people to not test ResQMe™ on car windows. One of the best ways to see how ResQMe™ works is on a thick padded object, like a magazine or notepad. If you really must test ResQMe on auto glass, please wear safety glasses and gloves to avoid any potential injuries while using the tool.

+ Is ResQMe tested?

ResQMe™ is tested and approved worldwide by many public safety organizations such as police departments, fire fighters and paramedics. ResQMe™ is also awarded for its uniqueness and certified with the CE mark and the German TÜV.

+ What People Say...

"I recommend ResQMe to anybody that wants to be properly prepared for an emergency"
"Purchasing this item is one of the best things I could have done."
"It is good to know there is a high quality safety tool like this on the market."
"It's Worth the Peace of Mind - Small and Light."

+ ResQMe is perfect for...

Daily commute, Travel, road trips, RVs and Rental cars